Who we are

Suzanne de Jong – Founder / Network Coordinator
Heleen Markus – Founder / Network Coordinator

Network Change Makers Wageningen  is a local youth network that offers help and network to vulnerable and lonely inhabitants of Wageningen. We believe that the time and effort of the youth is of value and meaning to the community and connection between inhabitants of the city.

We are a network to the youth between the age of 15 and 30 years, in which they meet and inspire each other, to dedicate their talents to the city in their own unique ways.

We would like to connect as many different groups as possible, to ultimately make connections grow within the city. That is way everyone is welcome to the Network! Network Change Makers Wageningen.

What we do

Network Change Makers Wageningen carries out projects and activities that contribute to the goal: offer help and network to people without network. We are a network to which everyone is welcome, regardless of cultural background, belief and educational background. We organize different aiding activities: from practical one time jobs to buddy projects. For example a language learning buddy for a refugee, a sporting buddy for a intellectually impaired person, going out with an elder person to the coffee house, or a moving help for a single mother, or walking the dog of someone who is temporarily unable to.

Next to those mentioned above, we organize inspirational sessions for the youth to inspire and motivate them to actively participate in the network. This offers the opportunity for the youth to meet each other which stimulates communion and an increase of the network.

In our activities we strive to work together with the different – volunteer based – organizations in wageningen, for together we can support the community of Wageningen city better than apart!

Gerdine Kaptijn – Secretary

Levinus Boxhoorn – Chairman

David Zwaans – Treasurer