• Do you like to participate in  – one time – social activities? Then help us to cook and eat with the intellectually impaired, cook pancakes for the elder, organize a creative afternoon for asylum seekers, or walk elder people to the city center!
  • Do you like to do – one time – hands on jobs? Then help us moving an asylum seekers, fix the garden of a socially vulnerable person, prepare foodpacks for the food bank or to paper the walls of an immigrant single mother.
  • Do you like to spend time with someone for a longer period? Then become a buddy and offer a listening ear, a chat or undertake an activity. For example, playing some Rummikub or getting ice cream. Or playing sports with a refugee or intellectually impaired.

Are you inspired or are you excited to support a fellow inhabitant of Wageningen? Then send an email to info@changemakerswageningen.nl and we will get in touch with you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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