Do you feel like getting out there? Organize something for others? Meet new people? Contribute to an even better Wageningen? Then ‘Make it happen!’

Make what happen? Well, it’s up to you! Together with a group of young people in Wageningen you will organize something to benefit your neighborhood, association or flat. We provide talent development, activity money and organizational support. We’ll start together around 24th of May.

What are we going to do?

That’s up to you! Okay, that sounds vague. More precisely: you are going to think up or organize something in a group for your neighborhood or association. We are going to help you with that! We start together, with 75 other Wageningen students/young people. You will get a number of trainings:

  • You will think about your own environment.
  • You will learn about your own qualities and those of others.
  • You are going to brainstorm about what you want to organize. After that, groups (of about 5 people per group) are made.
  • You get help with making a plan.

And then: Make it happen! You will develop and execute your idea. This will make you happy of course, but also the neighborhood or association that you do it for.

Who can participate?

You can participate if you:

  • live in Wageningen (or the surrounding area)
  • are ‘young’: student or pupil, approximately between 15-27 years old
  • Feel like organizing something together with others
  • have a few hours a week between May 24 and July 9


The government wanted to give some perspective for the youth in coronation time. They made a subsidy available for municipalities. The municipality of Wageningen applied for this subsidy. And got it! Thuis Wageningen, Network Changemakers Wageningen and Spectrum know what to do with the subsidy: let young people organize something that makes them and other Wageningen people happy!


Between May 24 and July 9. During this period, you will follow three workshops on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (in the evening). So a total of three training sessions, which will last no longer than two hours.


The trainings are physical where possible (in Wageningen) and online where not possible.

But if this, if that…

But I don’t have much time! But there are exams coming up! But I don’t know anyone! But I don’t know yet what I want to organize then! But!
It’s okay. If you would like to join us, we will find a solution! Just contact Tutku ( or Aimee ( and we’ll turn the ‘but’ into a ‘make it happen’ 😊

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